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Innova Digital Aviation Solutions

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Thousands of airports and airline workers are all working hard to make flights safer, faster and more comfortable for passengers. This naturally involves processes that use and create vast amounts of data, many of which are related to critical operations and subject to sudden change. Lately, airlines have been employing digital transformation solutions in order to strengthen communication between operation control centres, related units, and flight crews. Innova’s Digital Aviation solutions facilitate completely paperless data lifecycle management, so that all team coordination takes place in a digital environment. This results in:

  • increased customer satisfaction
  • reduced operational costs
  • smoother running of operational tasks
  • reduced human error
  • more efficient use of the workforce

End-to-end digital transformation

Innova’s industry experience and end-to-end systems, which are capable of offering complete solutions for the management of all enterprise business processes, are now being brought to the aviation sector. MoCA and OCC Manager solutions, developed to achieve a complete digital transformation for aviation operation control centres, are already being used by Turkish Airlines, the country’s biggest carrier.

Aircrew Duty Mobile and Aircrew Check-in solutions allow flight crew to access information and easy check-in on mobile devices. Aircrew Duty Mobile enables pilots, flight attendants and other staff to access all necessary information about their flights. Also, Aircrew Check-in automates check-in services and allows the crew to check-in within seconds.

What is Innova offering?

Innova’s solutions support the aviation industry by enabling full integration between air and ground operations, and between systems used at airports and in back offices. Our systems allow airlines to make the most of the vast array of data available to the industry today, and to plan for the opportunities of tomorrow.

Innova’s flexible, strategic and phased approach is underpinned by careful cost-benefit analysis, and can deliver fully integrated platforms capable of managing all your data right now and as the industry evolves.

Pre-flight, In-flight or Post-Flight: On the flight deck, in the cabin, on the air and on the ground: Innova’s digital aviation solutions help airlines create new efficiencies and reduce costs, shortening flight readiness operations and increasing revenue.

Innova’s business solutions experience

Innova is an affiliate of Turk Telecom, Turkey’s leading communication and convergence technologies company. It is a one-stop provider of end-to-end IT solutions and is among the few companies in Turkey that has the expertise and tools to complete large-scale integration projects successfully.

With a skilled team of over 1,000 professionals drawn from different fields of expertise, Innova offers state-of-the-art products and solutions adhering to global standards. Its services have been chosen by leading companies in 33 countries and 3 continents.

Turkish Airlines chose Innova’s MoCA

Turkish Airlines, flying to the most countries in the world and a member of the Star Alliance, has improved the efficiency of in-cabin operations and has taken service quality to the next level thanks to Innova’s end-to-end Mobile Cabin Assistant (MoCA) solution.

SUCCESS STORY: Turkish Airlines DCMS

Mobile Cabin Assistant (MoCA)

The digital transformation of the aviation industry continues unabated. Innova’s Mobile Cabin Assistant (MoCA) solution makes it possible to move all the forms and reports that chief flight attendants previously prepared on paper onto mobile devices. MoCA thus streamlines vital operations, minimises errors and reduces costs. System provides an end-to-end solution on the path towards this digital transformation, taking care of all routine control operations performed by the chief flight attendant.

No more paperwork: MoCA digitises all flight and cabin control operations, allowing them to be handled on mobile devices.

Chief flight attendants can now check a passenger’s information with a few taps on a tablet instead of going through pages and pages of information. Instead of producing reams of notes in order to prepare flight briefi ngs and fl ight reports, they can simply pull up all the relevant information on the screen. Tasks previously performed on paper, such as recording in-fl ight instructions and fi ndings, logging fl ight details, and so on, can now be moved to the digital environment thanks to MoCA. All the necessary data synchronises automatically with a central server.

With MoCA it becomes possible to view all digital documents, share them with other teams and create detailed reports. Digital Cabin Ground Portal, an integrated part of MoCA, incorporates a WYSWYG LOPA designer. LOPA (Layout of Passenger Accommodation) views and related information generated in the portal are synchronised to all user mobile devices. This integration also eliminates using physical CML and the crew only requires a few pages kept in the aircraft as a backup copy in case of a possible tablet failure.


End-to-end Integration: Cabin defect reports are synchronized with line maintenance systems. All flight, crew, aircraft, and duty information is retrieved from internal systems.

Customizable Dynamic Forms: Both server-side and mobile applications support dynamic forms, which can be easily customised.

Early Alarming of Ground Teams: No more unnecessary delays caused by manual systems. Problems regarding the delivery of paper forms and data input are eliminated.

Easy Problem Detection: Technical problems in the cabin can be traced more easily. Reoccurrence of any technical problem can be detected efficiently.

Supports Offline Usage: MoCA is able to operate in an offline mode, synchronising with the ground portal and DCGP. It also includes conflict management features to oversee the processing of requests from tablets.

Eco Friendly Solution: The system ensures that the consumption of paper is kept to a minimum, making the entire project a valuable ecological initiative.

PAX screens for passenger operations

MoCA manages all in-cabin passenger operations on its PAX screens. With only a few taps on a tablet, chief flight attendants can display: VIP/CIP passenger lists, special meal requests, passengers with connecting flights, children, passengers with special needs, and the presence of doctors on the flight. These screens make it possible to use the pre-flight period highly efficiently.


  • Reporting on cabin defects
  • Reporting on cabin sanitation
  • Monitoring water level operations
  • Filling in personnel performance evaluation forms
  • Setting up alerts and notifications
  • Accessing user manuals
  • Generating, viewing and tracking supply orders
  • Viewing schedules and rotas
  • Maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) software integration

OCC Manager

A large proportion of operations carried out by airlines are handled from their operation control centres (OCCs). Many of these tasks involve handling several factors at the same time, and represent some of the most critical business processes for companies responsible for organising hundreds of flights a day.

The tasks managed by OCCs include organising the most commercially efficient staff rotas while ensuring maximum levels of safety and comfort, minimising departure delays, managing sudden changes and unexpected situations, as well as making continuous efforts to maintain the highest possible profit margins. OCCs are also responsible for making instant decisions based on factors such as runway conditions and air traffic density, and for providing support for all operations including interventions required due to unpredictable or emergency situations. In addition, OCCs are in charge of organising aircraft maintenance and repairs in order to maximise the efficient use of aircraft to ensure that they can be deployed as fully as possible.

OCC management by Innova

The OCC Manager system has been specially developed by Innova to help airlines with their operations control centre management, and thus enable them to handle constantly increasing numbers of fl ights, aircraft and destinations. OCC Manager off ers the opportunity to monitor all fl ight operations from a single centre with an authorisation and reporting system that replaces email and all operational approval systems, thus streamlining the work of all business units. The system ensures that paper-based processes can be moved successfully to a digital environment and that notifi cations, requests and approval mechanisms can be managed centrally. It includes features such as handover management, approval processes and shift management.

Innova’s integrated and unified solution for supporting operations center running 24x7.

What processes are included?

The user-friendly application includes interfaces that have been specially developed to handle all the processes carried out by modern operation control centres. It ensures that:

  • Routine operations such as approval processes, fuel planning, dispatch, flight logs, end-of-day reports etc. can be moved to a digital environment.
  • Legacy paper-based field authorisation process are moved onto a web platform, granting easy access to information that helps identify and investigate areas that can affect flight operations, and ensuring that authorisations and monitoring can be handled electronically.
  • It provides an improved aircraft communications and reporting system.
  • Data on past delays can be used to ensure future delays are handled more effectively.

An end-to-end Innova solution

Innova transforms the OCC Manager application infrastructure into a complete solution by custom designing it to fit the individual needs of each airline. It offers a world-class management support system for the digitisation of all necessary operation control centre processes. With support from 35 solution partners in three continents, Innova presents an end-to-end solution consisting of a complete range of services from analysis, solution design, and code development to testing, technical consultancy and project management.


  • Streamlines all operation control centre processes. 

  • Improves coordination between different units 

  • Simplifies interventions in airport irregular operations (IROPS)

  • Digitises all paper-based processes
  • Facilitates the central management of shift processes
  • Improves the centre’s management and reporting capabilities.


1. Operation Handover Management

Many carriers continue to carry out office management and irregular operations processes manually, using paper or email circulars. Thanks to OCC Manager’s Operation Handover Management feature, all irregular requests, approvals and flight logs can be transferred to the next crew efficiently during shift changes, so that the new team is properly informed on issues relating to the previous flight. All necessary searches and reporting operations are handled digitally.

This feature implements:

Operation handover processes

  • IOCC-authorised dispatch operations

  • FOCC fuel planning
  • IOCC end-of-day reports

2. Station / Unit Request Management

These screens are designed to allow all units to log necessary requests and changes. The requests made through these parts of the system are transferred to the operation control centre for evaluation, after which the OCC can order any necessary action.

3. Flight Log Management

The transfer of information between shift changes is a critical process. Up to now this process was carried out on paper and was therefore vulnerable to errors and delays. Now, thanks to the OCC Manager’s Flight Log Management feature, everything is finally moving to a digital environment.

In addition, OCC Manger can monitor EOKB Shift Notes and facilitates incident management by the Head of EOKB. Each manager on duty enters incident comments, helping to create a complete log and ensure that processes followed in the resolution of incidents are thoroughly reported.

4. Route planning

In order for aircraft to provide maximum commercial profit to carriers, it is vital that route operations are closely monitored so that profitable routes are prioritised and unpromising ones are discontinued. Thanks to OCC Manager’s Route Planning feature, the status of each aircraft is monitored automatically so that, for example, the system can immediately put an aircraft into commission as soon as its maintenance has been finalised, ensuring that no time is wasted. By the same token, routes that attract disappointing ticket sales can be identified and cancelled.

5. Field Authorisation

The electronic forms used by aircraft carriers to obtain authority for planned flights are also managed by OCCs. Field authorisation requests, and the creation of forms related to these requests can now be handled entirely by the Field Authorisation feature of OCC Manager.

6. ACARS and Delay Station Integration

This feature performs handles the transmission of messages between the command station and aircrafts via ACARS, using a web interface. It enables messages from aircraft to be displayed and archived, and ensures that the causes of previous flight delays are also archived and reports can be generated when required.

Aircrew Duty Mobile

With Aircrew Duty Mobile, Innova has taken an important step forward in the transition towards entirely paperless cockpit processes, while making an important contribution to the digital transformation of the aviation industry.

Aircrew Duty Mobile offers a mobile platform bringing together pilots, flight attendants and other staff, and facilitating their access to all necessary details about their flights via a web portal or through their own mobile devices. The system greatly improves the flow of information among cabin crew, and helps to manage personnel operations with great accuracy.

Innova’s Aircrew Mobile solution provides a guarantee that flight planning carried out with the crew planning system will be conveyed to each crew member in the most straightforward way possible. It ensures that all necessary notifications are conveyed with accuracy and that the crew’s confirmations are also clearly displayed. Thanks to this solution, designed for airlines that wish to move their paper-based flight operations to the digital platform, aircrew duties can be managed with great effectiveness.

Instant access to flight details

The Aircrew Duty Mobile solution successfully moves all paper-based information related to the aircrews and their duties to the digital environment. Designed to be completely accessible to the cockpit and cabin crew, the application facilitates easy search of personnel details, monthly schedules, certificate information, passport details, training information and medical data.

All current flight data on a single screen

Crew members can check their assigned flight duty, standby and activity notifications with Innova’s Aircrew Duty Mobile application or through the Aircrew Duty Portal. Thanks to the solution’s integrated and automated structure, duty changes and all current information about the aircrew is prepared in advance and ready for the cockpit. In addition, in the event of a change to the flight programme it becomes possible to inform flight attendants immediately, something that improves the flow of information between the crew and prevents the kind of information and communications errors often associated with paper-based solutions.

Aircrew Duty Mobile enables cabin crew to access all the flight information they need on their mobile devices

Past and future flights

Innova considered all relevant processes when developing Aircrew Duty Mobile, making it easy to access not only current flight details but also information about past flights and assigned future flights. Aircrew members can search past duty, stand-by and activity notifications, and can check the assigned cabin crew member details, flight information, legs of the journey, aircrew and ground duties. By receiving information about their assigned tasks in such a clear and complete way, crews can concentrate on working as efficiently as possible.

Flawless Integration

Aircrew Duty Mobile has been developed within a structure that integrates with the airlines’ aircrew management system, aircrew programming system, aircrew portal, and SMS and LDAP IT infrastructure modules. Furthermore, the system is completely compatible with other crew planning systems, such as Jeppesen Carmen Crew Management.

The application allows crew members to:

  • view their personal details,

  • check their flight duties,

  • search past and future flight information,

  • display flight notifications,

  • be informed in the case of programme changes,

  • check-in via the Aircrew Check-in application.

Advantages for the airlines:

  • Facilitates digitisation of paper-based operations

  • Instantly delivers up-to-date information to aircrew

  • Expands aircrew management abilities

  • Improves communication amongst the aircrew

Which mobile platforms?

Another advantage of the Aircrew Duty Mobile solution is that it is designed to be compatible with all major mobile platforms. The solution can be custom-designed to reflect the carrier’s corporate identity and apps are provided for devices running the Android, iOS or Windows Mobile operating systems. The applications can be downloaded and put to immediate use, as the system can be accessed by crew members with an individualised username and password.

AIrcrew Check-In

  • The Aircrew Check-in application, developed as an extension to Aircrew Duty Mobile, successfully transfers aircrew check-in operations, which previously had to be carried out using kiosks at airports, to the crew’s mobile devices. When Aircrew members arrive at the airport they are able to check in on their mobile devices instantly.
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Aircrew Check-in

Hundreds of aircrews arrive at airports all the time, especially during the busiest periods, and in order to ensure the highest level of service quality and safety, airlines need to get them checked in without delay. The process is vital to ensuring that crews are ready in good time, so that they can carry out all the necessary controls prior to departure.

Until recently, aircrew check-in processes were completed in two ways:

1. Entering a username and password on a kiosk device

2. With the help of airport staff specially dedicated to aircrew check-in operations

Ready for departure! It only takes a few seconds for crews to check-in…

It only takes a few seconds

The Aircrew Check-in solution developed by Innova allows crews to check in and display all the necessary flight information on their mobile devices with just a few taps, saving valuable time at airports, especially during periods of high traffic. Thanks to the application, airlines have the ability to deploy their human resources much more efficiently, in addition to reducing lost time and thus preventing potential risks. Personalized login access feature allow crew members to sign in to their accounts easily.

Access to all records from a single source

The Aircrew Check-in solution is an extension of Innova’s Aircrew Duty mobile solution. Aside from enabling simple check-in procedures, the application allows users to access the following information on their mobile devices, making it easier to complete important tasks at the airport:

  • Health check data

  • Recurrent check (routine checking processes)

  • Passport information

  • Certification

  • Recent arrivals

Potential delays due to missing health check information or certifications are easily avoided since the application sends automated alerts to personnel with dates of validity and so forth. Similarly, the application can easily deliver alerts and announcements from airlines to flight personnel direct to their devices.

A multi-platform check-in application

The Aircrew Check-in solution effectively simplifies administrative tasks for flight crews, removing the inconvenience of working with paper. It is compatible with all smart phones or tablet computers running iOS, Android or Windows operating systems. The application is configured to the specific needs of the airline by Innova’s experienced team of application developers, and also stands out for its advanced security features and user interface design.

What are the components?

In addition to the Android, iOS and Windows Mobile applications, the Aircrew Check-in solution includes a server application and a wireless modem to be placed in or around flight crew waiting rooms. The application can be supported by beacon devices capable of identifying locations more accurately and thus avoiding possible abuse. The number of beacons needed for deployment is determined at the analysis stage of the installation process.

Aircrews can now check in at airports with just a few taps on their mobile devices


  • Aircrew check-in services are fully automated
  • All paper check-in routines move to a digital environment
  • Easier and faster than using kiosks or other check-in methods
  • Reduces time spent by flight crew at airports
  • Crew can easily access flight documents on their mobile devices
  • Errors and abuse are minimised

1.WI-fI Supported Check-In

  • The standard AirCrew Check-in solution is supported by Wi-Fi. The wireless modem, placed in the flight crew’s waiting rooms, provides a data connection for mobile devices and thus allows crew to check in on the system. For additional security, connection to the system is allowed through predefined SSID’s.

2. Beacon Supported Check-In

  • Beacon technology, which has been deployed in many technology-supported solutions in recent years, enables a more secure and traceable check-in procedure. Thanks to the beacons positioned in staff waiting rooms, check-in can be limited to these locations only. Thus the operation control centre can be absolutely certain that the flight crew is ready for the flight.