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Application Development Life Cycle

Innova’s solution implements the HP ALM centralised application management platform to automate application development across different development teams.

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The main goal of Application Development Life Cycle Management is to shorten delivery times.

Innova once again demonstrated its experience in developing end-to-end IT management solutions by developing the Application Lifecycle Management solution in partnership with HP’s ALM platform. By running different applications on one platform, the solution reduces operational difficulties, human resource requirements, security problems and costs. It can be used by quality management teams, developers, business analysts and test experts. With this solution, different business units can optimise the performance of their software and thus maximise their productivity.

HP ALM Modules

HP Requirements Management Module

This module defines, tracks and manages software requirements, saving business analysts time while providing them with all the tools they need. The module also acts as an intermediary for communication between different units, helping to identify requirements with great accuracy and can identify the link between other development assets and requirements. As requirements from multiple units are maintained on a single platform, demands and changes can be centrally managed.

Development Management

The main goal of Application Development Life Cycle Management is to shorten delivery times. HP ALM provides higher quality automation and better collaboration and strengthens the relationship between software developers, testers and business analysts, defining the tasks that developers and testers must complete. The solution also supports well-known development methodologies such as Waterfall and Agile and covers design and coding processes following analysis. With a Development Management method in line with international standards the quality of your applications are assured and processes are kept under control.

Test Management Module

This module successfully manages all aspects of functional, performance and security testing by supporting quality assurance, application security and performance validation teams. The solution also provides straightforward reporting of test results and defect levels and can also create reusable test cases.