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6 Myths You Should Avoid to Build and Boost Customer Loyalty

We live at time when even the owner of the local corner shop understands, values and invests in customer loyalty. Here are 6 common myths you need to forget to get the most value out of your customer loyalty investments.

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5 different uses of digital signage technologies in the Retail Sector

Digital Signage has been and still is a hot topic that has been on the current agenda for nearly twenty years in the whole world and our country.

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Wrongs Perceived as Rights in Customer Loyalty

We live in era where even the local shop just around the corner knows about, values and invests in customer loyalty.

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The Digital Transformation of Retail

Retail comes at the forefront of digital transformation where all the traditional chains attached to it are broken. Today, competition has gone beyond the conventional, encompassing online media and its effects are ever increasing day by day.

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Our newest useful abbreviation: IIoT

The Internet world of objects brings about many questions and advantages along with it. Rest is all assured if you are on the industrial side of things. Thanks to its numerous capabilities, the SkywaveIoT platform offers you the suitable environment for your much needed digital transformation.

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An Emerging Manufacturing Age, Industry 4.0 – Smart Factories

Smart Factories, where machines talk to each other and replace humans in organizing production will make productivity soar to unprecedented levels.

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A few words of advice on omnichannel e-commerce applications

The OmniChannel, or multi-channel, approach is a concept that we hear about more and more in almost every sector. Electronic communication tools are shifting the consumer & brand relationship into a new paradigm that includes

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Use gamification to increase sales

According to this recent approach, increasing sales depends on motivating sales teams socially and emotionally by using games as an inherent part of their approach to work. The secret to this is

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How Insurance Agencies Can Earn More Through Gamification

Finance is the locomotive sector in developing countries as well as developed ones. The sector is divided into two branches, namely banking and insurance. For some reason, the insurance branch in Turkey has always

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Do you need a brand partner?

In 2016, technology investments are expected to continue to be at the top of the agendas of the world’s leading CEOs, just as they were in 2015. It is forecast that of those with plans to invest in technology,

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