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Hürriyet Virtual POS Project

The Hürriyet newspaper has chosen Innova’s PayFlex POS platform to manage subscriptions to the electronic version of their publication. It now processes all subscription transactions using the PayFlex Virtual POS.

TTNET LiveSmart (Smart Home) Project

Hürriyet is one of Turkey’s largest media organisations and has been a pioneering force in the Turkish press since 1948. It is one of the country’s most widely read newspapers, both in print and online, and was thus in need of a fast and secure payment platform for its e-newspaper subscriptions.

In order to process all these transactions safely and securely on a single platform it became clear that a virtual POS system was needed, and that the solution was to put trust in Innova’s PayFlex system.

TTNET LiveSmart (Smart Home) Project
Client Hürriyet
Solution PayFlex vPOS
Sector Manufacturing&Services

By choosing Innova’s PayFlex virtual POS solution, Hürriyet has made a transition to a secure, flexible, quick and powerful infrastructure.



World-class security

Underlining the importance of data protection in online purchases, Hürriyet’s Software Development and Project Manager, Veysel Kantek, said that ensuring such security manually requires challenging certification processes. He went on to say:

"We wanted to improve our processes in order to provide world-class security procedures without becoming lost in each individual bank’s own integration structures, and by putting in minimal effort for maximum performance. With that in mind, we began our search for a supplier of a POS system, with the aim of fulfilling two criteria: Firstly, we wanted to be able to use the virtual POS services of several different banks within a single integration. Secondly, a key point for us was to be able to provide the security offered by globally recognised PCI/DSS 3.0-compliant products. In the end we chose Innova, with whom we had collaborated successfully in the past, since they offered a flexible, fast, secure and robust infrastructure within a single product."

TTNET LiveSmart (Smart Home) Project

“We have to move with the times”

According to Mr Kantek, the increasing scale of mobile usage among Hürriyet readers made the transition to virtual POS inevitable: “We have to move with the times. Readers now want fast and smooth access to the content they wish to read anywhere and anytime.” Mr Kantek thus believed it was a mistake to continue to direct readers to the newspaper’s website when in fact they wanted access to paid content through their mobile devices. From customer satisfaction perspective, it became essential to offer a completely secure and fast payment system from within Hürriyet’s mobile applications.

Mr Kantek added that: “One of the biggest reasons for choosing PayFlex is the fact that it stores credit card information in its own environment in compliance with PCI/DSS 3.0. For us it was also important that its token saving feature allowed readers to see content free of charge for the period immediately after taking their credit card data and before charging the card. It was also important to have the ability to collect the next payment after the end of a grace period.”

Thanks to PayFlex Virtual POS, Hürriyet’s subscription transaction processes benefit from maximum performance with minimal effort.

Last Update: March 2016