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Innova has renewed the communication and payment infrastructure of all TeknoSA stores.

Innova recently completed a project to turn every branch of Turkey's leading technology retailer, TeknoSA, into ‘connected stores’. This involved renewing the communication and payment infrastructure of the stores so that TeknoSA customers can now enjoy a smoother and faster shopping experience. The project subsequently won the ‘IT Governance Project of the Year’ category at the 2016 IDC CIO Awards.

09.03.2017 - Innova, a provider of information technology solutions owned by Türk Telekom, was in overall control of the upgrade initiative, providing the latest and most secure solutions to branches located all across Turkey. The Connected Stores project involved replacing outdated cash registers with next-generation payment recorders and installing new fibre optic infrastructure.

A technology solution for a fuller shopping experience

TeknoSA launched the Connected Stores project in 2015 with the aim of offering customers a more enjoyable and faster way to shop for electronics. Thanks to Innova’s support, all of its sales employees are now connected to an integrated platform. The project won the ‘IT Governance Project of the Year’ award at the 2016 IDC CIO Summit held in Izmir.

As part of the project, TeknoSA sales staff have been equipped with tablet computers that enable them to set up orders quickly and receive payments directly from customers as soon as they make purchasing decisions anywhere in a store. Customers can make payments by credit or debit card, and the tablets provide e-Invoice capabilities so that invoices and receipts can be sent directly to customer email addresses. The project represents a pioneering in-store solution not only in Turkey but also in the world.

Wireless internet for TeknoSA customers

Also included within the scope of the project was the ability for TeknoSA to offer a free, high-speed Wi-Fi service to customers in all its stores. The fibre optic network and in-store helpdesk deployed with Innova’s assistance has transformed the experience of visitors to all of TeknoSA’s locations.

The TeknoSA Connected Stores project has also improved the continuity and effectiveness of TeknoSA's quality management system and has made many of the processes used by the retailer’s employees faster and more straightforward.

Innova’s Senior Director of Technology Solutions, Ersel Karşal, commented that, “The synergy between Innova’s knowhow and experience and that of Türk Telekom places us in a very strong position not only in Turkey but also in the world. We work to use technology as a vehicle for greater productivity that benefits everyone involved. In this context, our collaboration with Turkey’s leading electronics retailer, TeknoSA, has resulted in our technology bringing great advantages to TeknoSA stores. We will continue our efforts to offer the best solutions for all our customers. "

TeknoSA’s Hardware and Operation Manager, Mustafa Çelik, stated that his company felt Innnova's support and reassurance at every stage of this extremely comprehensive project. He noted that “We believe that Innova's ability to work in synchronisation with Türk Telekom, especially when integrating network components and bringing fibre optic connectivity to our stores, delivered significant advantages.” He added that the project meant that “we have taken an important step towards establishing an uninterrupted multichannel service model, something we have been focusing on for a long time.”