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Triple Honors for Innova at 2017 Stevie Awards

Innova won 3 awards with its Human Resources initiative “Extraordinary Leaders Improvement Program” at the Stevie Awards for Great Employers 2017 organization. These awards mark the first time Innova has triumphed the international arena in the human resources field.

20.10.2017 - Developed by the Innova Human Resources department for Innova executives, the “Extraordinary Leaders Improvement Program” won 3 separate awards at the Stevie Awards for Great Employers. Coming first amongst formidable international projects, Innova’s Extraordinary Leaders Improvement Program stepped up to the podium in 3 different categories.

Investing in employees

Announced with a prestigious award ceremony, Innova claimed the Golden Prize for the “Problem Solving Training” category, the Silver Prize for the “Interpersonal Skills Training” category and the Bronze Prize for the “Professional or Legal Training” category.

“Added significant value”

Innova General Manager Aydın Ersöz celebrated these awards, saying “We take great pride in leaving such a big and memorable impression at a globally leading awards organization in the Human Relations discipline. Complementing our expertise with Turk Telekom’s synergy, we are focusing on transforming technology into a vital tool for our customers and our employees. In the Human Resources field, we are materializing many projects to contribute to the future of technology. Seeing these efforts recognized and critically acclaimed with highly prestigious awards make us further motivated and stronger. Our team members have created substantial added value for both our company and our sector with these projects. I am confident that we owe our sustaining international success to this rigorous work and offer my most sincere congratulations to all those who contributed to it”.

Innova’s Human Resources Director Merve Bayülgen commented on Innova’s human resources oriented success at a globally leading awards organization such as Stevie Awards, “Our employees are our most valuable asset. As we grew we developed various human resources applications, all of which were employee focused. We are glad to see the projects we launched become highly competitive and stand out from the international competition. I thank my team and our business partners for effectuating and contributing to the Extraordinary Leaders Improvement Program and our senior management and executives for their support”.