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Ooredoo Loyalty Program

Algeria's mobile operator, Ooredoo, (formerly Nedjma), is aiming to retain customer loyalty towards its Noudjoum brand by using Innova's trusted PayFlex Loyalty solution.

With its new customer loyalty project, Ooredoo, (formerly Nedjma), is aiming to achieve customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as to increase sales. The project undertaken by Innova has enabled Ooredoo to carry out a close analysis of its customers and apply the most appropriate types of rewards and give Ooredoo a competitive advantage.

Ooredoo was aiming to increase customers loyalty towards its Noudjoum brand by offering different levels of advantages. In order to archive this it chose Innova's PayFlex Loyalty solution because it has proven its success in large-scale projects in the international arena. PayFlex Loyalty once again proved itself to be the right choice, with its offer of a wide range of functions and flexible components that can be adjusted to the specific needs of companies.

Company Ooredoo
Solution PayFlex Loyalty
Sector Telecom

Innova stood out from its competitors with its technical expertise and experience in working with different cultures, and carried out the analysis, design, development, testing and implementation of the project. In keeping with the scope of the project, Innova achieved successful integration with the 10 different systems used by Ooredoo, including its CRM. The project has two phases, the first of which was completed and put into operation with a grand product launch in November 2012. After this Ooredoo's customers were already able to enjoy the advantages that the scheme offers them.

12.5m subscribers and dynamic segmentation

With this solution both corporate and individual subscribers are divided into different segments. This segmentation is achieved through the application of dynamic formulas and takes into account the individual subscriber's subscription age and monthly income or, in the case of corporate subscribers, the age of their subscription, monthly average income, periodical payment scores and growth rates. When they are registered into the system the subscriber's personal details are updated and thus increases the operator's accuracy of the company's CRM pool. As a result of the project all 12.5 million subscribers have been registered which helped Ooredoo to get to know its customers a lot better, making it possible for it to reward their high spending, long-term customers more simply and accurately.

Customer specific value and campaign definitions

With the completion of the first phase of the project all subscribers who are registered with the system and have been allocated to a particular segment can immediately start to enjoy the advantages of the scheme. Some of these advantageous include product discounts at subscription centres, priority customer service at subscription and call centres, discounts at solution partners in other sectors (tourism, apparel, health, airways etc.). All these advantages are shaped differently for different customer segments and designed for corporate and individual customers of different levels. In this way high spending customers can be offered more privileged treatment. With the second phase points-based loyalty programmes will be added to the system.

Mobile and web based channels

As part of the project, in which customers were given loyalty cards, partner store integration was carried out using a USSD mobile solution, which offers a very fast, mobile and cost-free approach. In addition to the loyalty card advantages a special Noudjoum portal was established for elite corporate clients, which allows them to promote their products and even define various organisations in order to find new business opportunities.


  • A measurable process has been established for customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Different rewarding strategies have been set up for customers belonging to different levels of value.
  • A service infrastructure was created that reflects the importance that the bank gives to its clients as well as one that increases customer loyalty.

Innova PayFlex's Senior Project Manager, Orhan Eksi, who worked actively on the Noudjoum project, said that the key to project's success had been to bring together the Ooredoo infrastruture, with all its different components and turn it into an effective solution. He added that "Our team's focus on success played a major role in bringing Innova's PayFlex Loyalty solution to the Algerian market successfully. As a result of the project, increased customer satisfaction has helped increase customer loyalty.

Thanks to PayFlex Loyalty Ooredoo is now closer to its customers